FAQ LP RECHARGE – WASTELANDS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What devices do we currently support?

iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad4, iPad Air
We are working hard to bringing it to more devices and platforms.


The game is loading very long at the first start

The game is updated with the latest information and data, should only take a little while at the very first time you are playing and when an online connection is available.


How much input have Linkin Park had with the game?

Linkin Park is very involved with the game, they do see every big change we make to the game and have come up with their own ideas for gameplay, and style changes. They also helped building the story line and made the music score for the game!


Do I need to buy crystals in order to play LP RECHARGE – WASTELANDS?

No, you can fully play the game without having to spend money, there are several ways of earning and getting crystals.


Who is developer of LP RECHARGE – WASTELANDS?

kuuluu Interactive Entertainment AG Netzibodenstrasse 23b 4133 Pratteln, Switzerland


Is Linkin Park also playing LP RECHARGE – WASTELANDS?

Play and you will find out.


Can I be a member of the the Linkin Park team?

You can join the resistance and thus help everyone save the world !


I bought crystals but I did not receive them what can I do?

Contact our support staff, they will be able to look into the matter.


Why is LP RECHARGE – WASTELANDS not a multi-player game?

LP RECHARGE – WASTELANDS is still in development, we have plans to add more features later, currently you have to work already together in recharging the world with all the members of the resistance, which is already a task for multiple people!


Will LP RECHARGE – WASTELANDS ever be a multiplayer game?

If you guys like what we are doing, definitely!


Why do others have more points than me?

Try and score extra points for making combo’s (drain and disable hybrids within the combo timers timeframe). Also use your right elemental power on the right moment, and practice.