The Air Element can be used to lift objects up and displace them anywhere. You can either do that or throw objects against targets. In that way you can turn every gas bottle into a grenade for example.


With a Bonus Code you can redeem special virtual gifts we offer to our players. You can enter the code in the portal via the Navigation for activation.


The Bonus Score is raised by making Combos, freeing captured Humans and destroying Energy Nodes. This Score is vital if you want to lead the score boards.


By completing the succeeding level you can unlock special Bonus Missions to gain extra score.


Boosters are buyable items that you can enable or disable before entering a Mission in the Mission Screen only for the next Mission played. Those Boosters boost special scores when activated:

Attack Power Booster:

Adds 5 Attack Power to your Power Glove.

Recharge Booster:

Adds your Total Energy Score to your Recharged Energy.

Shield Booster:

Adds 50% of your current shield energy to your shield.


In LP RECHARGE we offer automated weekly Competitions where you can win cool prizes. Each single mission with a valid score automatically counts for the Competition. To win a cool prize, you have to achieve a good high score in the Missions of a Sector. Click here for more information.




Move your character by clicking on the ground. You can either click once or click and hold the cursor to direct your walking path. To reach the point you’ve clicked the path must be clear.


Mouse over your target. When you see the target outlined, you’re aiming at it.


Release energy by hitting your action button (clicking the left mouse button). Hold the button down to continue shooting.



Crystals are used as trade objects for the resistance and are the only currency in the game. You can buy them via the in-game Shop, earn them through playing the game or grind them through playing Daily Missions.


Crystal Shots is your standard attack element. The crystal shot is permanently activated and will be triggered with a SHORT CLICK on your mouse- or action button. Its using the pure Crystal Energy from your Power Glove system and makes moderate damage.


Daily Missions are special Missions that are separated from Missions in which the Resistance is send on special tasks. Each Daily Mission has a goal for you as a single player and a goal for the community. Once you have reached your personal goal you receive a prize and are enabled to win the community prize as well when the community goal is reached. All players have to contribute with each single time the Daily Mission is played towards that goal. If the community fails to reach that goal, the Resistance loses power on the Total Energy Counter and the Hybrids gain world domination power. Daily Missions are as well good for earning crystals if you don’t want to pay for them.



The  Earth Element is an area of damage device and causes the earth under your target and its surrounding area to violently erupt and making damage to your target. This force can be shot at any target anywhere.


Your Power Glove has four earth elemental powers included besides the standard Crystal Shot. Those are special energies that will be added to your Crystal within your Power Glove. Once selected you fire it with a LONG CLICK on your mouse- or action button. Please view AIR ELEMENT, EARTH ELEMENT, FIRE ELEMENT & WATER ELEMENT for more specifics.


The Energy is shown on the top center of the in-game screen in the combined Energy/Shield Bar. Energy is the main important objective in the game. It fuels your glove device and collects more energy from the Hybrids to be recharged to the Total Recharge Energy Counter in order to save the world.If you lose your Energy in a mission, the mission ends for you and your task is lost. Energy is drained by getting damaged or by using your Glove Device.

You collect energy by disabling Hybrids and destroying Energy Nodes or Energy Containers. Dropped Energy is visualized as small blue glowing dots. Energy is also the main contributing factor for reaching a high Energy Score in a given Mission. You always have to focus on getting more out than you spend by playing efficient and effective. The more you get out, the higher your score and your rewards.


Energy Containers can be found throughout Missions. They look like metallic barrels with a blue pulsating light on top. When destroyed they drop Energy.


The Energy Score is the total score you achieve in one Mission, used to compete against others (shown on leaderboards) and to determine the amount of Recharged Energy. It consists of the Energy remaining after a round plus the Bonus Score plus the Time Bonus plus the Don’t Revive Bonus.


Energy Nodes have tripod like structures. Hybrids place Energy Nodes on terrains to suck, store and distribute energy of all kinds into their main systems. Its top priority for the Resistance to disable all of them and thereby cut ressource connection to the Hybrids capitals. All of them need to be destroyed in order to complete a mission. Energy Nodes drop Energy when destroyed.

iconBigFireThe Fire Element is a very powerful fire blast that is always good for making big and effective damage. It shoots a straight and heavy fire beam.



Your Gear defines your Power and your Shield values and of course your good looks. You will find your gear access in your Profile Screen. Around your character you will find Gear Slots you can fill up by choosing items in your Inventory or in the Shop. Before each Mission you can access your Inventory over the Mission Screen to make quick changes if you like.


Hybrids are genetically altered humans with technology implants. They’ve caused the last war and took over world domination. They’ve killed the bigger part of human life on the planet and enslaved the rest for their purposes. They control all vital resources and have to be defeated at all caused for the future of mankind. The Resistance knows of many different types but only rumors tell about the inhabitants of the Hybrid capitals called “Citadels”.


The Inventory shows all items you have at hand to dress or undress. The Inventory is located on the same screen like the Shop and allows easy and fast changes on your character. Just pick an item, dress or undress it and confirm.


A Mission is a part of your way through all sectors to reach the Hybrids capitals. Missions are separated into 10 sectors and have special Rank requirements to be entered.


Your Power value determines the strength of all your attacks. Power is increased by buying Power Glove upgrades in the Shop. The maximum value of Power you can achieve is 100. Increase of Power increases the damage the Crystal Shot and different elemental attacks inflict.


The Power Glove is a kind of a weapon device. Resistance Researchers discovered special crystals that hold earth elemental energy and were able to transform this energy in a neural driven device to create a powerful force. You are able to control the four earth elements Air, Fire, Water and Wind with that device and use their abilities to fight the Hybrids. The Power Glove is connected with your neural system. Because of that fact losing its energy will cause a blackout and you have to be rescued out of the field.


The Rank is determined by the total amount of Contributed Energy Score. Every player has a numeric Rank thats starts at 1 and is capped at 100. Rank is a prerequisite for certain Gear and Vanity items and may as well be used to allow access to certain Sectors.


Contributing your Recharged Energy to the Recharged Energy Worldwide counter on the portals Main Screen. Furthermore adding it to your  Total Recharged Energy Bar.


Recharged Energy is the amount of Energy Score (+ Recharge Booster + Recharge Factor) you have recharged. It is used to determine the your  Rank.


Prominently shown on the Main Screen, it displays the total of all players Recharged Energy. Its visualized as a numeric up- or down counting counter. Here you will find special events that are unlocked when the counter reaches a special threshold. The counter goes up when a player ends a mission and makes a valid score. The counter goes down when the community fails to reach a Daily Mission goal.


A Sector is an area in which you have to fulfill several missions to clear that sector for the resistance. You have 10 sectors ahead to reach the Hybrids capitals.


Your Shield protects you against incoming damage. Your shield power is visible in the combined Energy / Shield bar. The power is visible right beside the energy indicator. Every incoming damage will be subtracted from the shield energy. When your shield is lost, you will lose energy directly with each taken damage. You can power up your shield through boosters or shop items.


In the Shop you will find a lot of items to power up or to look good. The Shop is combined with the Inventory. On the left side you find your inventory and on the right side the shop. If you want to purchase an object, simply click on the button and confirm.


While playing a mission you see a score counting down on the right top corner in game. The score remaining there will be given to you when the mission ends. The sooner you end a mission the more score you will get for it. If the counter reaches zero, you’ve wasted your Time Bonus.

iconBigWaterThe Water Element pushes back moveable targets and disables Hybrids for some seconds. Its effective if you need some space and time to attack.