Some tricks about Combos that might surprise you ….

Tips and Tricks for Combo-ing

Playing through Linkin Park Recharge – Wastelands without getting high Combos is absolutely possible, but to get that elusive third star in a level you will have to use all your Combo skills. Here are our tips and tricks for high Combos:

How do I get a Combo?

 A Combo is started when disabling an enemy or energy node. After that a timer will count down that you can see in the upper center of the screen. If you defeat another enemy during the countdown, the timer will reset and your multiplier will go up. This is repeated until the countdown reaches zero. This is when your Combo breaks and you get all the energy you have racked up during the Combo. Simple, right? But there are a few things about Combos that might surprise you:


–  Getting a higher Combo is better than getting more Combos. For example one x6 Combo is better than 2×3 Combos.
– Draining during a Combo will drastically increase your Combo Score. A Combo will only give you high energy Score if you use Drain.
– Enemies reset your timer when you defeat them but if you drain an enemy or a node, the counter replenishes gradually. This means that you sometimes don’t have to fully drain an enemy to replenish your timer to full. With energy nodes this is even more prominent.
– There is a perfect way to play each level. Often you can create a Combo that lasts the whole level!



Here are some basic tricks our developers have shared to give you the best start in Combo-ing:

 1.    If you want the highest Combo on a level, forget about boxes and Crystals, concentrate on keeping your Combo alive by defeating and draining enemies.

2.    Don’t overpower your enemies, destroy their Shield and then Drain as much of their energy as you can. Don’t use damaging attacks on enemies that have no shield. By the way, using an Air Attack on an enemy after using Water on them is extremely effective against Shields. Plus Air will never deal health damage to Hybrids so it’s best to use it for finishing off an enemy’s shield.

3.    Use energy nodes strategically. They don’t run around and don’t fight back, so use them as an emergency reservoir for replenishing you Combo timer. So if you are low on time to get your next Combo, only drain an energy node a little bit until your timer is full. That way, you can explore a bit, and if you need to replenish your timer again, you can come back to get the rest of the node’s energy.

There are much more good strategies out there to find.

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