Over the past few years, FPS has been successful in creating excellent games such as PUGB, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. FPS is continuing to grow by bringing competitive shooter games such as Rainbow Six Siege and CS GO. So, grab yourself some snacks and check out the following first person shooters for 2020.

Hunt: Showdown

It has two genres battle royale and horror. It was created by Crytek and it involves 5 teams consisting of 2 hunters fighting against one another with the aim of obtaining Lovecraftian horror. Using black magic and conventional tracking, the player traces the location of the 3 powerful monsters and drags them back to hell and quickly return to safety before another team takes your prize. It is the best game of E3 2017.

MechWarrior 5’s Mercenaries

It is the first numbered shooter among the MechWarrior games in fifteen years. According to Russ Bullock, the president of Piranha Games Mercenaries is partly, MechWarrior and partly Football Manager. The player constructs their fledgling outfit from one mech to a complete fledged mercenary organization, obtaining jobs from three hundred planets.

Metro Exodus

It is developed by 4A Games. It promises greater, non-linear levels, at least one angry mutant bear, item scrounging, and familiar ammo.

Far Cry 5

It is a product of Ubisoft Montreal and unlike the previous Far Cry games the player gets help from the new for hire system that allows you to recruit individual resistant animals, members, and a real-life buddy in the co-op if you have it.


In a globe of exosuit-wearing individuals, you and your friend s fly around a world filled with aliens, shaper storms, and giant monsters to protect the remaining human beings. It is attempting to include the shooter experience of Destiny by adding the loot drops, giant raids, and co-op squad.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Fatshark’s development takes you back to the experience of Warhammer Fantasy and it makes you ready to play again with more intense chaotic warriors of the north as well as Skaven horde. You can customize the hero with fifteen varying career paths and new settings system that allows you to change the heroic deeds.

System Shock

It is the makeover of the grandfather of Dishonored, BioShock, and Deus Ex. Unlike Enhanced Edition, significant alterations have been made which include equipment such as the roller blade, level redesigns, and enemy introductions


It includes the man behind Tower of Guns but this time there is a massive series of enemies, co-op, and nature to shoot and dodge the way out. Other than upgraded graphics there is a densely modular crafting system that allows one to swap gun parts in and out, achieving the dream of a twelve-barrel rocket launcher.

Overkill: The Walking Dead

It contains four-player co-op survival tactics experience. All the characters will have a unique skill tree, story arc, and special abilities to advance as you run the raids to increase your base defenses.

Strange Brigade

You are required to take on the king’s army. It comprises solving environment puzzles within towering Minotaurs and blasting mummies with traps and shotguns. The player’s unique characters are modified as they advance along the way.

Deep Rock Galactic

It is a classic co-op adventure and it involves shooting your way through a highly destructible environment.

Escape from Tarkov

It is a stalker-style shooter that features a high level of weapon customization. There is no permanent death but you will lose the gears you have earned unless you keep them in your vault, generating a reward mechanic versus a tense risk.

Consortium’s The Tower

It is aiming at providing a “first-person-whatever-you-want-us-to-be” experience, meaning one can tackle their secret agent mission in whatever way they want, you can also skip the main plot events and the game will account for it.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

It is an enhancement of the “time moves when you move” action franchise. It has additional roguelike elements to the slow-motion gun functions. When you progress to a new level you will uncover secrets, unlock your abilities, and access new payable features.

Battalion 1944

If you are missing the old school shooters the developers of Battalion 1994 is offering its 5v5 WWII shooter as the refined, modernized take on that era. There are no upgrades, killstreaks, only the player and a ping of Kar98. If you like community modeling support then Battalion 1994 is your pick.