It is almost the end of the year, and Xbox one gaming sessions are leaving nothing to chance. If you had terrific fun with the unrivaled debut of Xbox 360 and Xbox One, 2018 gaming just got better. This might be the perfect time to check out the new top 10 Xbox One game releases. They are likely to knock off your longstanding juggernauts for a record console sale. Impressively this time, Sony has done a phenomenal job to bring in new features that add the adrenaline rush like active sessions, exciting game play modes plus a lot more. But first, here is a quick exclusive list of the top 10 Xbox One  games just out you can’t wait to check out.

Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft introduces Forza Horizon 4, an open world car racing series. The title borrows from Britain with innovations like share world, 60 FPS on Xbox One X and an array of seasons.The game heats up in the City of Edinburg with the effects of a climate system like snow falling leaves and plenty of rain. You can drive in the snow using diverse techniques or through a dozen houses acting like bases with that feeling you are racing against a Hovercraft.Forza Horizon 4 can accommodate up to 72 real players on the server enjoying most fun out of the computer-controlled “Drivatars” easy to control. This ‘team adventure’ is a multiplayer experience like no other. The true and ultimate challenge comes from mastering the skill to select the right ‘Zombie Cars’ able to infect others by hitting them. With 55 achievements for a 1,000 game score, this game is likely to rip off your archives for the right reasons.

Yakuza Kiwami 2: Double Dragon

This follows a series of a new wave of players from Yakuza 0 in 2007 to the elimination of a significant protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in the Yakuza 6 grand finale.The succession takes an upgrade from a 10-year narrative to introduce an additional location, the Iconic Osakan strip of Dotonbori, usually stylized as ‘sotembori.’ This includes memorable Osakan characters that portray significant tensions between major crime organizations in the Kansai and Kanto regions.You might get stuck in the relationship of Kiryu and Osakan detective Kaoru Sayama throughout the game. The couple’s intimacy grows through the script probably what makes Yakuza Kiwami 2 quite exceptional.Other characters supporting them in the rival multi-protagonist approach include Makoto Date, Jiro Kawara all playing the Japanese drama and combats. The game employs sophisticated mechanisms in a thrilling story with action worth the play and thrilling sense.

Dragon Quest XI

Echoes of an Elusive Age (Back to the good old days)When it comes to the transformation of traditions in the gameplay and story concept, Dragon Quest XI is no exception. The story centers on a chosen hero and group out on a globe-spanning adventure in the monarchy of fantasy.They explore dungeons fighting foes in the turn-based combat, a tale that will strike well with seasoned JRPG classic players and followers. Paying attention to the storyline helps you realize tropes and traditions aren’t as boring. Be ready to improve your playing skills as you witness the Dragon Quest XI chosen warrior destroy the foretold dark presence.Many fear him and hate him in equal measure as he fronts his hometown into the broader world. He encounters monsters, endures fights in an empire largely manipulated by darkness. The presentation is perfectly beautiful all the way to the grand finale.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

This is what it feels like to love soccer in a new captivating series of Konami’s long-running football series. Unlike past releases, the just out Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 comes with better visuals refined and improved.PES 2019 builds on past football creativity to set a whole new bar for Konami, thanks to the inspiring commentary. A new plethora of animations has been introduced with every kick of the ball a show of accuracy. The players are more intelligent to contextually figure out quickly on how to pass the ball, play out a few tricks as you enjoy game control.Just in case you receive the ball under pressure straight from the brawny center-half, you can smartly flick the ball around the corner; overlap the winger to reach the midfielder and knock any rival out. As long as FIFA rules are here to stay, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 might have paid off with the essence of the game right from your comfort zone.

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F1 2018 (Victory Lap)

If you ever think of any fast past car speed, F 1 2018 just took that to a whole new level. The game employs the mechanical nature of driving cars at super-speed using fantastic energy recovery system controls as you knock out the loser to submission; but not without a tough fight.Some clever and intelligent upgrades make the media interaction exciting and a better appeal. You can jump in for the Grand Prix weekend or to any of the championships across the varying disciplines for a test of your skills.There are ranked and unranked multiplayer lobbies and 21-race virtual for all your friends and stranger. Make sure you sign in an expert for better performance if you want to win. This game is brilliant and mostly underscores past releases, courtesy of simulation-like additions devoted to electrifying driving speed.

Guacamelee 2 (Ready For A Challenge)

If you loved the thrill behind the first Guacamelee, Luchador Juan’s challenges in this series just got a better taste. It boasts a superb design leaving you with an excellent feeling of self-inclined humor through the episodes.The story kicks off with Juan marrying Lupita (the president’s daughter), later raising their two kids in the outskirts of Pueblucho. As Juan fights to defeat his former boss Carlos, he dies, and the new character Salvador accomplishes the mission, hoping to merge the dead with the kingdom of the living as the storyline unfolds.Everything in Guacamelee 2 is smart and indulging to hook you in for hours as the intense play out. The deceitful and painstaking game circles around saving Juan and family from perishing.

The Walking Dead (The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running)

Throughout the Walking Dead series, it is always scary and dreadful seeing the Zombie mess up with the living, but this episode takes a little bit of a twist.It revolves around a little girl by the name Clementine, a soul you are struggling to keep safe (from the first season) and the Telltale’s chapter. She grows in a hostile world of Zombies with a few of the kids left as desperate survivors trying to cheat death every step of the way.They go through deathtrap cities enduring the unimaginable trolls to save their souls. A lot of ugly and tarrying events develop, but this episode’s captivating scenes will ground you for a while.

H1Z1 Battle Royale: All Kills No Frills

H1Z1 Battle Royale tries to come out of the norm with the console port HIZ1 backed by streamlined but straightforward mechanics.You objective must focus on increasing chances of survival in this H1Z1 series with little available on the ground. However, staying competitive is the only alternative as you struggle to equip your pump shotgun or primary assault rifle. You will have a hard time also picking along the low-level armor and a small backpack as you match past the buildings fighting the hidden enemy.Tense firefights will encourage you to embrace tactical approaches to thrive using powerful weapons like the RPG, scoped burst rifle plus a lot more. H1Z1 gives you more than enough work in battle as you strike the balance of getting overwhelmed and winning.

Amnesia: Collection

One of the best Xbox One games Out Now. The Amnesia collection puts you on the same page as Daniel after he wakes up in a deserted castle with little to remember. You have to piece together Daniel’s troubled memories and unravel the horror underneath his struggles.On the other side of Amnesia, Oswald the wealthy industrialist catches a fever while haunted by dreams of the dark world as he grapples with his children saving him. This series will subject you to intriguing trials and struggles. You have to do all it takes to put your life on the line as you save others. But the question is; can you manage?

Prison Architect: Escape Mode

This Xbox One game features your grappling mindset about your fellow inmates in a utopic recovery center. The rehabilitation is more of a brutal Super Max Prison or anything for the worse.Proceed to reveal your prison to offensive characters that will use all means possible to control your prisons creatively to take charge. Day and night you have eight new wardens, eight new prison maps plus eight new plots to help you expand your defense and experience.Once you master your skills, you can protect and equip your prison from any influence, thanks to the padded cells and the pressure from the criminally insane wing. You might have to bribe guards to avoid torture and pain. If things get thick, you will be forced to sneak and fight through the tunnel as you seek liberty.