With Rise of the Tomb Raider 2015, Crystal Dynamics has built a much bigger game than all its predecessors. The game however still maintains the compact design which is one of the reasons why it’s so entertaining.

The harrowing story at play is brought to life by the design and attention to detail. The exposition is sufficient to provide context while also having fun with the setup. A noticeable change is with the protagonist Lara Croft who has undergone a transformation which we will get into later in this Rise of the Tomb Raider Review.
In the 2015 release, there is no longer a multi-player mode. Do not be discouraged though; the expedition mode will keep you so busy and entertained you won’t even miss another player with whom to compete. The expedition mode will allow you to replay characters and move into hub areas with wither new objectives or to multiply your score. The gig is that you can modify each challenge enough that it becomes entirely new, hence giving you a plethora of options and new experiences.

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The Characters

From the previous narrative where Lara Croft is just an ordinary woman, she now has three new play styles: Hunting, Brawling, and Survival. And with the different aspects of the game, you get to have it either really easy or really difficult. Each skill works well if you use it correctly because the addition will make the stages more worthwhile.
For instance, one allows Lara to shoot two arrows at a time even at walls so she can use them to climb up and another grants her more ammo when looting enemy corpses which she leaves behind to kill off soldiers passing near the bodies left behind with poison gas. Lara is now able and unafraid of taking down an army of thugs.
This change in Lara’s character is best suited to the equally brutal antagonist Konstantin, the big bad Trinity guy. Konstantin is a mentally broken and religiously motivated evil guy who fits the storyline with Trinity. His choices bring new twists which in turn changes Lara’s style of play, so we promise you are in for a treat.

Away from the Story Line

With previous games, players only had a few tombs to raid. This became quickly boring, but another noticeable change in Rise of the Tomb Raider is the significant addition of more tombs and temples. Each area tasks you with an intricately designed and engaging puzzle which you have to solve.
The extensive areas other than the graves are also a treat. Some of them are locked, and you have to unlock an ability to explore. These regions also have additional hidden skills which you can stumble upon while you explore but be careful, the areas are littered with Trinity soldiers.

The Rewards

Remember we spoke about how you can now alter narratives and missions in the expedition mode. As you progress with the play, you earn points with which you can purchase card packs. These card packs have modifiers which are primarily either gear and ammo or upgrades for Lara. Although there can also be some other treats.

The enhancements either make the paramilitary thugs harder to kill or turn Lara into a Killing Machine. Chills, right?! If you run out of cards, there’s an option to purchase with real money, but the game’s type of play doesn’t make this necessarily a must. The expedition mode already earns you sufficient points to make purchases, so it is highly unlikely you will need to spend any real money at any point.
Another obvious perk is that Lara is now able to craft her own ammunition during combat. She can either choose from her arsenal of owned ammunition back at any of the base camps or some upgrades.

The Verdict

Some of the changes to the game may get to you. The writing of the play varies, sometimes there are even spoilers, and other times the expected play it’s too predictable communication a weak or over-used storyline. However, the game definitely sets a bar for any future releases, and it’s also time well spent especially due to the rewards away from the storyline.

The game is available for Xbox, Playstation and also for PC which has some seriously good in game graphics, for help or settings info we recommend the steam community hub for tomb raider.

So, you have no reason not to kick back and have some fun with Miss Croft!